“Why do I need to winterize my boat and/or motor?”

If you have an outboard, it is important to know that they are self draining.  This means that when the motor is removed from the water, the cooling seawater will drain out on its own and will not stay in the motor, so the fear of something freezing and cracking is not an issue.  The things that are recommended for winterizing an outboard are mainly to combat the effects of sitting for an extended period of time.

If you have a stern drive or inboard, winterizing is essential because they do hold water.  That water needs to be drained and the cooling system then should be filled with anti-freeze.  Of course, these motors should also receive the other recommended service to combat the effects of sitting.

Also, don’t forget about the boat itself – anything that could hold water should be properly winterized as well.  This includes all wash down/live well pumps, freshwater systems, air conditioners, and generators.