Should I buy that used outboard powered boat?

So you’re thinking about buying a used boat. Check that the hull, transom and floor are in good condition (there are professional marine surveyors for this). Take a test run on the water to make sure the boat performs the way you would want.

The next step would be to get the motor checked out by a qualified mechanic. The cost to replace an outboard motor is not cheap (roughly 15000.00 for a 200 HP four stroke). The mechanic can verify the condition of the cylinders. Check all the various oil levels and for signs of water. If available, hook up a diagnostic computer to check engine hours and if there are any trouble codes. Do an overall inspection of the components for rust, corrosion, damage and wear. On a two stroke the oil system should be tested to make sure the delivery and warning systems are working properly. Test run the motor to make sure it starts, runs, shifts, cools, charges the battery and the controls and gauges are working.

If everything checks out okay and you do end up buying the boat, I would suggest to get a full service done. This would include oil changes(crankcase and gear oil), spark plugs, all filters, water pump and thermostat(s) and any other recommended maintenance items for your specific motor. Buying a used boat is always a gamble but if you have it checked out first it may save you from buying a money pit.