Quick Tip: Power Trim and Tilt - Trim Rod Lubricaton

If you have noticed that your motor makes some weird noises while trimming, it could be caused by the power trim rods not sliding smoothly across the thrust pads on the swivel bracket.

Yamaha's F115A and larger 4-stroke motors, as well as many older 2-stroke motors, use the three-piston-type power trim and tilt assemblies; two trim pistons and one tilt piston.  The trim piston rods push against thrust pads on the swivel bracket, producing a sliding contact movement as the motor trims in and out.  When boat and motor are under load, considerable friction is generated between the rod ends and the pads.  Without lubricant on the rod ends and thrust pads, friction can cause the sliding motion to be erratic and noisy.  Eventually, the lack of lubrication will lead to damage to the trim rods and thrust pads.

These contact points are often overlooked during routine maintenace.  When lubricating the steering system and the grease fittings on the tilt and swivel brackets, take a few moments to apply marine grease to the rod ends and thrust pads.