Quick Tip: Livewell Intake Screens


Many pump failures and valve leakage issues are due to bits of shells, fish scales, sand, and gravel that have been sucked into the system. Even though many of the systems have screw-on filter screens, the screen mesh is usually not fine enough to filter out the smaller, but still potentially damaging pieces of debris that can affect pumps and cause valves to not seal when closed.
To protect against this debris, simply insert a small piece of stainless steel* window screen material inside the screw-on filter to provide another layer of filtration. This additional filtering significantly improves the reliability of livewell systems and reduces the potential harm to bait and game fish.


*NOTICE: Do not use fiberglass or aluminum screen. Fiberglass screen may collapse, clogging the inlet.  Aluminum screen will corrode rapidly when in contact with the stainless steel inlet screen.  Use stainless steel for this job.