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How do I Winterize my Yamaha Outboard Motor?

  • Run out of as much old fuel as possible before discontinuing use for the season, then fill the tank with fresh fuel treated with the appropriate amount of Yamalube Ring Free Plus and Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus.  This helps minimize the possibility of moisture being absorbed in the fuel from the air, and ensures that treated fuel will reach all parts of the engine's fuel system.
  • Four stroke models: change the oil and filter.
  • Change all the fuel filters on the motor plus the boat mounted 10 micron fuel/water separator filter.

"My oil level is increasing. Why?"

If the oil level is actually increasing, it would most likely be due to unburned fuel components getting past the piston rings and into the oil.  Typically, this occurs when a motor is not operated long enough to reach normal operating temperature or only run at very low speeds.  Trolling, for instance, for extended periods of time can cause this effect.  Running the motor long enough to reach operating temperature, or, when trolling, an occasional high speed run will usually resolve the issue.  Of course, a cooling system issue that does not allow the motor to reach nor

My motor oil has turned black. Why?

Because carbon from the combustion process is mixed into the oil.  Motor oil has 2 vital functions: lubricating and cleaning internal moving parts.  Carbon is produced as fuel and the minute oil film on the cylinder walls are burned during the combustion process.  Some of this carbon passes by the piston rings and into the crankcase.  The motor oil gets into every crevice and cavity inside the engine to lubricate and clean.  As it cleans the internal components, the carbon and other debris is suspended in the oil.  This causes the engine oil to blacken, proving

"My engine is running rough and stalls out at slow speeds. I think I need a tune up."

While this description can range from a blown cylinder (time for a new motor or rebuild) to a closed idle circuit in a carburetor.  Very rarely will a “tune-up” take care of the running problem.  Today’s motors with electronic ignition systems do not have parts that need service other than the spark plugs.  Of course it’s a good idea to try a new set of plugs before brining a boat in for check up.

“I have a hard time starting my 2-stroke carburated Johnson Evinrude with primer system”

First of all, you want to make sure the motor is in good working condition.  Check that the compression, ignition system, and carburetor are all properly tuned including sync and link.  If all that is OK, then it is usually just a matter of proper starting procedure. 

The starting procedure that works best for me:

“I have gear oil leaking out of my lower unit”

Over the years I have been here at Fairwinds Service I have been asked a lot of questions about concerns customers have about their two-stroke outboard.  One of the most popular is “I have gear oil leaking out of my lower unit”.  Although this can happen, and it would be an important concern, I have found that most of the time it is not gear oil but instead the accumulation of unburned oil and exhaust that will eventually make its way down through the exhaust housing and then down into the lower unit.  This accumulation can appear as a black oil forming around the

About Water Pumps

The water pump in an outboard is made to last quite a while under normal operating conditions, but does eventually wear out.  That being said, a water pump can be destroyed in a couple of seconds if run out of water.

YAMAHA, for example, recommends the inspection of the water pump once a year or 100 hours, replacing it if needed.  They recommend the replacement of the water pump every 3 years.

“Why do I need to winterize my boat and/or motor?”

If you have an outboard, it is important to know that they are self draining.  This means that when the motor is removed from the water, the cooling seawater will drain out on its own and will not stay in the motor, so the fear of something freezing and cracking is not an issue.  The things that are recommended for winterizing an outboard are mainly to combat the effects of sitting for an extended period of time.

No Water From Indicator Nipple

Most times we check out a motor for this problem, it is simply a clogged nipple or hose that leads to the nipple.

FIRST make sure the water pump and thermostat are working properly.

SECOND thing to try is to insert a small wire into the nipple hole about 1" while the motor is running.  This will clear out a clog most of the time.

THIRD would be to blast the nipple with compressed air while running.

Can I paint my boat at Fairwinds Marina?

Due to the new EPA regulations, Fairwinds Marina can not allow our customers to paint boat bottoms on the property. Our in-house craftsman can paint your boat bottom using Interlux ACT, or an alternate paint upon request.

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