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A Hall effect sensor is a solid-state component that varies its signal in response to a magnetic field.  The Hall effect is named for American physicist Edwin Hall.  In 1879, Hall discovered that when an electric current is placed in a magnetic field, it causes a potential difference to be created.  The strength of the potential difference can be measured, from which the strength of the magnetic field can then be determined.

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Although outboard motors are self draining, there are areas of the cooling system to be mindful of to ensure all water is drained from the system.  In addition to water flowing through the block and heads, cooling water in modern outboards is sent to cooling passages in the VST, fuel rails, rectifier/regulators, and additional oil-cooling passages on the block.  Usually, the cooling water is routed through small diameter hoses between components.

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Resistance and peak voltage tests are both valuable for testing electrical components, but each has its strength and weakness.  Resistance testing, measured in ohms is a static test that measures a component's ability to resist current flow.  Peak voltage is a dynamic test used to measure a component's ability to function at an acceptable level while operating in its normal environment.  A peak voltage test is often used with AC voltages or DC voltages that happen quickly.  Both tests can provide useful information about a circuit or components when applied prope

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Modern electrical systems can be complex.  Understanding different failures that can happen to the wires that connect components can reduce troubleshooting time and ensure correct repairs.  Using the proper wiring diagram will help you isolate the specific wires used in the circuit so you can quickly perform the required tests to locate the failure.


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Back in the day when cylinder heads and blocks were cast iron, cleaning sealing surfaces was a lot easier.  Grab the ol' metal scraper and the air grinder with some abrasive clean up disc and have at it.  Times have changed; everything is made out of aluminum.  Plus coated metal gaskets are pretty common instead of thick composite gaskets.  Get too aggressive with a metal scraper and you can wind up with deep scratches.  Abrasive discs can quickly cut shallow divots in aluminum gasket surfaces that are barely visible but can make it impossible to get a metal gas

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Many digital multimeters (DMM) have a diode/continutiy setting, often referred to as the "beep test".  This setting is designed to give an audible indication that a circuit is open or closed and, when combined with the Diode test, will display the voltage drop being measured.

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When dealing with a motor that has experienced an internal failure, it is incredibly important to ensure that all internal components are completely cleaned before putting the motor back together.  Closely inspect all parts that are lubricated or use pressurized oil for debris.  If any contaminants from the failure arent cleaned out, they can quickly lead to repeat failure.

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by Tim Craig

Chesapeake Bay Magazine, January 2016

"Talk of the Bay"

Team Goldberg takes on the challenge of updating a classic Magothy River marina — family-style.

Twenty-eight-year old JoAnna Goldberg is doing something few young women of her age are qualified to do: oversee the rebirth of an old-line Chesapeake Bay marina while at the same time helping her entrepreneurial father, Larry, expand the Freedom Boat Club concept throughout the state of Maryland.

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Understanding voltage is a key element to troubleshooting electrical circuits.  Voltage is defined as "electric potential or potential expressed in volts" by Merriam Webster.  Voltage is nothing more than a measurement in the difference between two points.  If we measure the voltage of a starter battery using a Digital Multi Meter (DMM) we would see approximately 12.8 volts DC (VDC) for a charged battery.  That battery is able to exert 12.8 volts of electrical pressure.  A completely dead battery would measure at 0 volts DC and is incapable of exerting any

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Dry corrosion occurs in areas not in direct contact with water - exhaust systems, for example.  The outside of most exhaust system components is cooled by raw water to prevent overheating.  When today's ethanol-enhanced fuel is burned, it creates by-products known as sulfate salts.  These salts are highly corrosive, especially when exposed to very hot temperatures.  If the outboard's cooling water passages are not kept clean by regular flushing (the exhaust area in this example), hot spots can form on the interior of exhaust components, concentrating the sulfate